The following is from Joe Milazzo, WorkSource Oregon Career Development Counselor:

Good things happen when we adopt a mindset of collaboration with our partners here at WorkSource Oregon (WSO). Rob first engaged with WorkSource through our Reentry Program in late 2023. Following initial support and consultation, Rob was referred to Career Development to further enhance his job attainment skills. While interviewing for several positions through WorkSource referrals, Rob was offered and accepted two positions, and began working as many as 18 hours a day!

Prior to starting these new positions, the STEP program provided Rob with a multitude of supportive services, including purchasing work clothes and boots. Things went so well that Rob was able to relocate across the country to rejoin his family. Before his departure, we collaborated with WSO partners to further enhance his resume into a searchable version, supporting Rob’s job search in his new location.

This is the work that keeps us all motivated here at WorkSource, and utilizing a multitude of services only increases the likelihood of positive outcomes for our customers.