The following is from Jenny Porfily, COIC Reentry Services Specialist:

Prior to being incarcerated, Shane worked in the construction industry as a self-employed tile setter for 10 years. Due to his incarceration, Shane lost his contracts for tile work; he also stated the physicality of the work took a toll on him.

When the reentry team met with Shane at Deer Ridge Correctional Institution (DRCI), Shane shared that his goal once released was to obtain his Class A CDL to become a truck driver. While at DRCI, Shane had the opportunity to attend a Heavy Equipment Operator training through Baker Technical Institute; however, he did not become certified, as he would have needed to attend additional training and travel out of the area to complete it.

Shane expressed that he would really like to stay working in the construction industry, so we began to look at other jobs available within the industry. After some research, Shane realized that once he had his ODL, he could obtain his Class A CDL and become a truck driver. Shane has family members who are truck drivers, and he grew up knowing the industry.

After his release in October 2023, Shane worked a side job for a friend remodeling a home. His goal was to save to get his Oregon Driver’s License reinstated and attend IITR’s Truck Driving School. Once Shane had funds saved to obtain his ODL, he started the process to attend IITR. Shane completed COIC’s scholarship application and met with the Oregon Employment Department’s STEP program.

Shane started training at IITR on February 26, 2024, and completed training on March 26 when he passed his state CDL skills exam and obtained his Class A CDL credential. With assistance from WorkSource Oregon staff, Shane updated his resume and began applying for truck driver jobs in the Central Oregon and Eugene areas. Not long after that, Jenny reached out to a paving company in Redmond and referred Shane to apply there. Shane was interviewed and offered a Truck Driver/Transfer position starting at $27.50/hour, which he started on April 10, 2024.

Shane says he is grateful for WSO services in helping him achieve his goals, and that so far he is enjoying his new job with Tri County Paving.