Q & A

Q: What does it mean to adapt communication skills and methods for increased accessibility (Page 4, Scope of Work)? Can you give examples?
A: This question gets at the heart of serving customers in a way that gets them the resources they need. This could be using their preferred language or method of communication, or serving them in a culturally sensitive way that is mindful of their individual customs or beliefs.

Q: The RFP mentions serving customers in rural and frontier areas, migrant seasonal farmworkers, and tribal communities (Page 7, Proposals Narrative, Question 2). Are there other populations that should be considered or addressed?
A: Applicants should consider these populations as well as any other hard-to-serve populations in their region.

Q: Are there guidelines for what hours a Benefits Navigator should be onsite at WorkSource locations? Could one Navigator split their time between multiple locations in their subregion?
A: The Benefits Navigator will split their time between locations; hours at each location will be set and agreed upon by all center partners during and after the contract negotiation period, and do not need to be decided prior to application.

Q: Will the Benefits Navigator need to lease office space at WorkSource locations?
A: All workspaces will be provided. You do not need to budget for rent.

Q: Is there a page limit for the proposal narrative section?
A: No.

Proposal Timeline

Request for Proposals Released 4/15/2024
Deadline for Written Questions 5/1/2024, 11:59pm Pacific
Deadline for Submission – South 5/15/2024, 11:59pm Pacific (CLOSED)
Deadline for Submission – Central and North 5/31/2024, 11:59pm Pacific (EXTENDED)
Provisional Award Notification 6/3/2024
Contract Start Date 7/1/2024

Who To Contact

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