Program Summary

East Cascade Works & Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council (COIC) in partnership with Worksource East Cascades

The On The Job Training program is intended to help support someone who has most, but not all of the skills they need in order to do the job.

  • We reimburse a % of wages from 1-6 months.
  • % goes as high as 50%, and tops out at $5000, which is maximum reimbursement.
  • You are employer of record, and you determine training goals.
  • Must be $2 over minimum (can request waiver depending on candidate and situation).
  • Cannot be an entry level job, as candidate must have some gaps in skill base requiring training.


Dislocated Worker

  • Laid off
  • Receiving/exhausted UI
  • Displaced homemaker status


  • Low Income – receiving benefits; i.e. SNAP, TANF
  • Not dislocated worker, not low income, but not prioritized if funds are limited

All potential candidates must be registered through WorkSource and looking for work


COIC staff keeps in contact with employee throughout process, however, there are some specific times we have contact with the employee and employer.

  • Informal check on employee and employer in first two weeks.
  • Halfway through OJT contract, do a midpoint evaluation on site.
  • End of contract, do a final evaluation with both employee and employer.
  • Employer requests reimbursement for wages. The paperwork for reimbursement is sent at the start of the OJT so the employer already has that information.

After the contract ends, COIC reports entered employment and closes file.

Who To Contact

Contact Employment Counselors at Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council (COIC):

Main line voicemail: 541.388.6416

Main email:

The Steps

  • Potential candidate registers with WorkSource to determine eligibility.
  • Candidate completes On the Job Training (OJT) application. 2.5 pages of basic work history, reason for targeting this job/industry.
  • Candidate interviews; company is interested, but perceives some skill gaps.
  • Employment counselors staff potential OJT and determine if contract meets standards.
  • WorkSource staff conduct site visit with company/sign OJT site agreement contract, good for 2 years.
  • Enroll candidate into OJT program.
  • Sign contract between employer, COIC, and employee.

THEN, and only then, OJT can begin.