CONSTRUCTION: The construction industry, integral to shaping our physical environment, encompasses diverse activities such as commercial and residential building construction and infrastructure development. Guided by seasoned professionals, a skilled trades workforce anchors the industry, turning architectural visions into reality and shaping innovative communities. Embracing advancements and sustainability, construction experts collaboratively address the ever-changing needs of our region, tackling some of the most challenging infrastructure projects.

HEALTHCARE: The healthcare industry encompasses diverse professions dedicated to promoting and sustaining health. From medical practitioners to administrators and support staff, the healthcare workforce represents a blend of expertise and compassion and is one of the fastest-evolving sectors for workforce development. Beyond traditional care settings, the industry collaborates in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, health IT, and behavioral healthcare, working collectively to advance medical research and pioneer innovations in healthcare delivery.

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Kristyn Fix
Business Services Program Manager


Next Generation Sector Partnerships are partnerships of businesses, from the same industry and in a shared labor market region, who work with education, workforce development, economic development, and community organizations to address the workforce and other competitiveness needs of the targeted industry. Next Gen Sector Partnerships are Industry-Driven, Community-Supported, and Sustainable over time. Next Gen Sector Partnerships are active all over the country.

Next Generation Sector Partnerships