The Talent Hub is a dynamic platform led by East Cascades Works in collaboration with our esteemed partners. This platform serves as a bridge connecting employers across the East Cascades Region with motivated young talent eager to engage in internships, job shadows, and immersive on-the-job learning experiences.

Within the Talent Hub platform, East Cascades Works and our dedicated partners play a crucial role in directly supporting young talent. Through specialized programs and initiatives, our partners work diligently with these young individuals, equipping them with essential work-readiness skills in preparation for opportunities.

Employers leveraging the Talent Hub have the assurance of gaining access to enthusiastic young professionals who have been prepared by our partner organizations. Furthermore, they will have the added advantage of a support person, facilitated through our partnership network, ensuring a seamless and beneficial experience for both employers and the emerging talent they engage with.

Whether you’re a startup looking to expand, a growing enterprise, or a well-established corporation, the Talent Hub serves as your gateway to discovering and nurturing promising talent while receiving the necessary support to foster a thriving workforce.

Join East Cascades Works and our partners within the Talent Hub platform and become part of a community dedicated to empowering young talent, driving innovation, and fostering a collaborative environment that shapes the future of our workforce in the East Cascades Region. Experience the impact of mentorship, collaboration, and growth as employers connect with bright minds prepared for success by our partnering organizations.

Who To Contact

Sarah Cochran, Program Coordinator
La Pine Internship Specialist

Daniel Seddiqui
Redmond Internship Specialist

Greg Bender
Bend Internship Specialist

Madelyn Bell
Jefferson County Internship Specialist

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