Celebrating Success: Quinn’s Story


The following is from Mike Moreno, Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC) Career Advisor: In Winter of 2023, we first met Quinn when he came in to inquire about our SNAP [...]

Celebrating Success: Quinn’s Story2024-06-17T15:07:00-07:00

Celebrating Success: Isac’s Story


The following is from Andrew Larkin, OED Business and Employment Specialist: Isac became a WorkSource customer in September of 2022 as part of the Re-entry Program at Deer Ridge Correctional [...]

Celebrating Success: Isac’s Story2024-05-23T14:38:53-07:00

Celebrating Success: Sam’s Story


The following is from Andrew Larkin, OED Business and Employment Specialist: Sam was the first person we really worked closely with in the Reentry Program. He was releasing just as [...]

Celebrating Success: Sam’s Story2024-05-23T13:24:19-07:00

Celebrating Success: Shane’s Story


The following is from Jenny Porfily, COIC Reentry Services Specialist: Prior to being incarcerated, Shane worked in the construction industry as a self-employed tile setter for 10 years. Due to [...]

Celebrating Success: Shane’s Story2024-05-23T14:38:30-07:00

Celebrating Success: Wesley’s Story


The following is from Victoria Ward, Klamath Works Program Manager: Wesley Breymann was a client at Warner Creek Correctional Facility of our WorkSource services. He took the DOC Roads to [...]

Celebrating Success: Wesley’s Story2024-05-23T14:37:58-07:00
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